The children get along well and have adapted well in the classroom.

The training course on «Freinet from kindergarten to college» was held from November 4 to November 25, 2011 in Nantes and the Nantes region. This course was held in different public schools: Public Preschool of Basse-Indre, Elementary School Mutuality in Nantes Primary School Heath Mazaire in La Chapelle sur Erdre, Elementary School Marsauderies in Nantes, Public College Lucie Aubrac St Lumine de Clisson, Angel Guepin elementary School primary school in Nantes La Ferriere, CLIS 1 in Orvault College Sophie Germain in Nantes.

The students’ work is individual or collective. Writing is central to the classroom activities in all disciplines. Every day, children have a time of personal work. This is an opportunity to learn or deepen the concepts of the program, to prepare assessments.

They work mostly from files, often self-correcting. The files are handy for students, it is a good opportunity to train and it helps to get good results. Fortsett å lese «The children get along well and have adapted well in the classroom.»

This is the symphony of rain and sun!

It was just me who watched it belonged to me tonight with all the secrets, all the stories never told me she swallowed it, the Night. And I walked barefoot in the warm sand still taking me back to the sleeping camp. Martine Borowiak, 3rd T C.E.G Bourg-Lastic (P-to-D.) The gypsy gypsy 0 you … You do not know the laws and borders.

The hours, days, years; You arrive at sunset, already set out again at dawn. Just as the clouds were eyes follow you and you disappear, fleeting, on the horizon … pushed by the wind of freedom. No envy, certainly not! … Because they do not know as you’re happy!

Happy to live without memories, ignoring the prescribed, the usual, the past, the future. You are rich, gypsy, immensely rich, richer than any of us, a prisoner of the city, will never possess. Your gold?

One of the stars, emerald meadows, crystal springs, copper the setting, fragile splendor that belong to you at each stop at every step. Fortsett å lese «This is the symphony of rain and sun!»